Chibi Group — Princess project

Princess project

Little red riding hood (with pink hair) by Neko Neko
Little red riding hood (with black hair) by BiO
Cinderella by Shao
Purple princess by Kipi Teru

Make up and Photo by Lee
Retouch by Lee and Neko

Well, please continue enjoy our project (✿´‿`)

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Chibi Group — Princess project

Chibi Group — Plus Anima

Plus Anima

Cooro by Sil
Husky by Mask
Nana by Neko Neko

Make up and photo by Lee
Retouch by Neko Neko

This project had had a lots of problem. But thank for special help from Tenshi to Aku Group, we finished this project. There still have many mistakes, so we hope that we can re-make it one day.

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Chibi Group — Plus Anima

Chibi Group — Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Maka Alban by Popotari
Soul Eater by BiO
Black Star by Danny
Tsubaki by Yuka
Death the Kid by Fuu Shinigami
Liz by Kipi Teru
Patty by Mask2hi
Medusa by Neko Neko
Blair by Simca
Mifune by Shao
Dr. Stein by Wang Hy
Death Scythes by Lục Tiểu Mi
Shinigami by Genie
Eruka by SnowStar
Crona by Sweet
Angela by Fu
Asura by Zangetsu

Make up by Lee and Lục Tiểu Mi
Photo and retouch by Sil

This is the first main cosplay project of Chibi Group. You can say that this is a biggest project with many members that Chibi Group have done. But unfortunately, we didn’t take photo for all character. I really really really want to do this project again in the future *(*´∀`*)☆


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Chibi Group — Soul Eater

Chibi Group — School uniform

School uniform

Haruhi’s uniform: Clapkid
Lucky Star’s uniform: Simca
Shuffle!’s uniform: Neko Neko
Emma Ai’s uniform: Shao
Brown uniform: Kae
Uniform with blue skirt: Yuka
Uniform with caro cravat and caro skirt: Popotari
Uniform with black cravat and black skirt: Lục Tiểu Mi
Uniform with red bow and blue skirt: Sweet

Make up, photo and retouch by Lục Tiểu Mi

There is the first project that we did together. A lots of mistakes, but really fun. Hope u enjoy our mini project!

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Chibi Group — School uniform