A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 2)

Doraemon ドラえもん

Doraemon (school girl version) by BiO
Nobita by Mask2hi

Make up by Toshi
Photo by Toshi and Neko Neko
Retouch by Neko Neko

Special thanks to our lovely staff – Mai Linh

After the first shoot, we took the second shoot. And this time, I still don’t feel satisfied. We had a problem with the light. All the photos arn’t enough light, so… it’s so hard to retouch… (´_`。) Anyway, hope it doesn’t too bad…

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A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 2)

Sandplay of the singing dragon ─ VOCALOID

Sandplay of the singing dragon

Kagamine Len by Lee
Kagamine Rin by Shao

Photo by Neko
Make up and Retouch by Lee

We took this shoot at my house. Well, it was kind fun~☆

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Sandplay of the singing dragon ─ VOCALOID

Hagumi Hanamoto ─ Honey & Clover

Honey & Clover

Hagumi Hanamoto (花本 はぐみ) by Kaoru Ritsuka

Make up by Lee
Photo by Neko and Lee
Retouch by Neko

This was the first time I took a cosplay shoot for Kaoru-san. I was really happy, either nervous because I still hadn’t had many experiences too took a good shoot for her. But, Lee helped Kaoru-san and me so much ♥ And here are the result~♥

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Hagumi Hanamoto ─ Honey & Clover