A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 1)

Doraemon ドラえもん

Doraemon (school girl version) by Neko Neko
Doraemi (school girl version) by BiO
Nobita by Mask2hi

Make up and Photo by Lee
Retouch by Lee and Neko Neko

Special thanks to our lovely staff – Shao

Actually, we were going to do an original version of Doraemon and Doraemi, not a school girl version. But, for some reason, we have to change our plan. Doraemon and Doraemi is “costume”, but Nobita is “cosplay”. So I don’t know how to call this project… Well, this shoot have lots of mistake, so we decied to take another shoot for this project soon.

Hope you enjoy it!

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A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 1)

Festival – Winter Convention 2011

Location: Lê Thị Riêng park
Date: 24 & 25/12/2011

Uzumaki Naruto by Shao
Uzumaki Naruko by Neko Neko

Make up by Lee
Photo by many people
Retouch/ Resize by Neko

 Well, this is the first time I cosplay with Shao as a couple at festival. It was kind of fun~♥ Although my body isn’t nice and my face isn’t cute at all. But I’m really happy because I can cosplay my No. 01 sama and meet many great people.

Xiao and me

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Festival – Winter Convention 2011

Photoshoot at “Journey” coffee shop

Love story

Aki by Asa
Aiko by Mask2hi
Michio by Neko Neko

Photo by ourself
Retouch and Story by Neko

Asa isn’t live in Ho Chi Minh city. Sometimes, she come to city to join a festival, or take a shoot, then go home immediately. So, to celebrate our first meet in Ho Chi Minh city, we came to Journey coffee shop and took a shoot for fun. Coincidence that the photos could develop into a story. Maybe it isn’t really good, but hope you guys will enjoy it.

And, my English really isn’t good. So I will use Vietnamese to tell the story.

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Photoshoot at “Journey” coffee shop

Chibi Group — Princess project

Princess project

Little red riding hood (with pink hair) by Neko Neko
Little red riding hood (with black hair) by BiO
Cinderella by Shao
Purple princess by Kipi Teru

Make up and Photo by Lee
Retouch by Lee and Neko

Well, please continue enjoy our project (✿´‿`)

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Chibi Group — Princess project