[Niji Group] Beginner – AKB48

I joined a J-pop cover dance group named Niji four months ago. The first project of us is Beginner (AKB48). And we were debuted at Natsu Matsuri festival 2012. We’re very happy because many people like our performance though it’s still have many mistakes ♥

Many thanks to Lee, Peo-san, Babo, Shao,… and many other people for helping and supporting us ♥ Here are some pics and clips of that Natsu Matsuri. We perform 2 times: one in the afternoon show, and one in the night show.

Rehearsal before festival

Our lovely staff – Bô-chan~♥

Our group and a little cutie Conan ♥

Bonus: A clip when we were practicing~♥

NIJI’s page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nijidancegroup

Thank you for watching~♥

[Niji Group] Beginner – AKB48

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