A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 1)

Doraemon ドラえもん

Doraemon (school girl version) by Neko Neko
Doraemi (school girl version) by BiO
Nobita by Mask2hi

Make up and Photo by Lee
Retouch by Lee and Neko Neko

Special thanks to our lovely staff – Shao

Actually, we were going to do an original version of Doraemon and Doraemi, not a school girl version. But, for some reason, we have to change our plan. Doraemon and Doraemi is “costume”, but Nobita is “cosplay”. So I don’t know how to call this project… Well, this shoot have lots of mistake, so we decied to take another shoot for this project soon.

Hope you enjoy it!


Handsome staff~
Take care of each other~
Let’s take a picture~

Thank you for watching~♥

A♥ing Group — Doraemon project (Part 1)

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