Festival – Winter Convention 2011

Location: Lê Thị Riêng park
Date: 24 & 25/12/2011

Uzumaki Naruto by Shao
Uzumaki Naruko by Neko Neko

Make up by Lee
Photo by many people
Retouch/ Resize by Neko

 Well, this is the first time I cosplay with Shao as a couple at festival. It was kind of fun~♥ Although my body isn’t nice and my face isn’t cute at all. But I’m really happy because I can cosplay my No. 01 sama and meet many great people.

Xiao and me


BiO and Xiao



Kyun Shou (or we can call "Shuu")

How funny emotion I made on my face *LOL*

I have a ugly smile *cry*


Trang Doll and her friend

Lee Nguyễn

Raven Howling cosplayed Masato from Uta no Prince-sama

A group cosplayed Happy Tree Friends

Sinner (cosplayed Kagamine Len) and Silverwolf Himegami (cosplayed Shizuo)

Me and Sinner

After I had left the festival, I went out with my family to celebrate Christmas night ♥

My little sister

Thank you for watching~♥

Festival – Winter Convention 2011

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